Avoiding Liability for Slip-and-Falls: Business and Home Insurance in Calgary

Behind automobile collisions, slip and fall incidents are the second most common cause of third party liability in Canada. According to the federal government, falls of all kinds are the leading cause of injury across all age groups in the country.

For over 34 years, Bow Valley Insurance has been providing superior business insurance coverage at excellent rates to our clients in Calgary and Alberta. As an independent insurance broker we are able to search and compare a number of different packages to make sure your business is always covered.

How Much Exposure Do You Face?

Slip and fall accidents are largely preventable, and the best way to keep your premises liability premiums low is to limit your claims history through proactive risk management.

A “reasonable person” standard of conduct operates in a slip and fall cases in Canada. If the injured party was taking unreasonable risks there may be little legal recourse.

However, if you have failed to remove the snow from your sidewalk within 24 hours of it falling, not only are you risking a fine from the City of Calgary, your lack of reasonableness under review. If it is found by a judge or jury that your efforts to mitigate a slip and fall situation fell below the standards a reasonable person would rightfully expect, or you face a particularly vulnerable and injured claimant, you will be found liable.

Ensure The Work Is Being Done

Whether you are a home or business owner, it may be a sound decision to outsource your business’ snow and ice mitigation.

There are two key benefits to businesses and homeowners contracting out snow and ice mitigation. The first is that you will have indisputable proof that you take your slip and fall exposure very seriously. And a reputable firm will have their own liability insurance.


Whether you are protecting your home or business, the worst place to be if a slip and fall accident of any severity happens on your premises is to discover that you are underinsured.

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