Avoid These Common Long Weekend Accidents

With Labour Day marking the end of the summer driving season and Thanksgiving Day in October not far away, many Canadians will find themselves driving long distances for recreation or visit family & friends.

There is always a lot to think of before setting off on an extended weekend trip, and Bow Valley Insurance of Calgary would like to remind everyone that along with figuring out schedules, packing for everyone and making sure that there’s plenty for the kids to do in the car, to also ensure your vehicle is in good working order with a quick checkup at the mechanic. You also may want to review your current automobile coverage to ensure you have the protection you need.

Statistically speaking, holiday driving means you should pay extra attention on the road. Long weekends usually has more traffic on the roads.

Increased Traffic Distractions

More people on the road means a heightened risk for collisions. Increased traffic can make it hard to remain a calm and careful motorist. As well, it’s also important to make certain to do what you can to eliminate as many distractions as possible, especially if you are driving for long hours at a time than you are accustomed to.


Whether driving further than usual, or at unusual times of day, fatigue can become a very serious issue. Be sure to get plenty of rest before setting off on any lengthy drive. Take a break the first time you feel the need for one and not after you have “gone far enough” to “deserve a rest”. Try not to drive after dark, especially if you already drove for several hours that day. If you can, split the driving duties with another driver, it will make the journey much more enjoyable as well as safe.

Drunk Driving

It’s best to never partake in any alcohol if expected to be behind the wheel. But even if you avoid drinking, many other people on the road on a holiday weekend have not shown such restraint. If you can, avoid driving between midnight and dawn on holiday weekends to reduce your exposure to encountering someone else who should have known better than to get behind the wheel.


You may not think it so, but speeding is a form of aggressive driving. With the long distances many of us Canadians cover on a three day weekend holiday, it is very tempting to keep the pressure on that accelerator from “just a little” over the speed limit to “everybody else is going this fast.” Increased speed brings with it reduced reaction time to the unexpected, such as another car suddenly changing lanes or a moose deciding to run across the highway.

Stay Safe

One more thing to think of before setting out is to always make sure you arrange for someone to keep an eye on your home. Holidays bring an increase in burglaries, especially if homes appear to be vacant.

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