Avoid a Calgary Hail Storm and an Auto Insurance Claim, Too!

The U.S. National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration estimates hail causes over a billion in damage to crops and property annually, which are major weather events that are nothing new to Albertans. According to CBC News, insurance claims resulting from the recent hail storm that pounded the Airdrie area could top 100 billion. Comprehensive coverage provided by your Calgary auto insurance policy will cover damages caused by a hail storm, but proactively taking steps to protect your vehicle means you keep your claims-free discount.

Tips on Protecting a Vehicle Parked Outside

If you don’t have access to covered parking while at home, work or school, an inflatable airbag-type hail protector or heavy-duty car cover provides the best protection. Hail protectors not only prevent damage, since they reflect sunlight, they also preserve your vehicle’s paint. Take the time to practice inflating the hail protector or fitting the cover before a storm arrives.

Tips on using car covers:

  • Use a car cover with padded sides to protect the vehicle’s side-panels
  • Keep the cover off the ground to avoid picking up dirt and debris that can scratch the paint
  • Ensure your car cover is properly secured with tie-downs
  • Remove your car cover regularly to allow rust-causing moisture to evaporate

Take Steps to Avoid a Calgary Hail Storm

If you get stuck out in the open during a hail storm, the most important thing to do is to stop driving. To protect yourself from injury, pull to the side of the road during any type of severe storm and remain in your vehicle.

If you get caught in a hail storm while on the road:

  • If you can, pull into a parking structure or alongside a building to ride out the storm
  • Always avoid culverts and lowland areas that can suddenly fill with water
  • Seeking shelter under a tree should be a last resort; trees lose their branches and attract lightning during a storm

Preventing Hail Damage: If It’s Safe to Exit Your Vehicle

During a smaller storm it may be possible to safely exit your vehicle, and chances are you already have several items right inside your car you can use to prevent major damage to your paint, car body, and windows:

  • Floor mats: While floor mats won’t cover your car completely, they can be placed under the windshield wipers to prevent a broken windshield
  • Blankets and towels: Depending on the size of the hail, a thick blanket or towel may be enough to minimize hail damage to your vehicle’s body and paint during a storm

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