Alberta RV Insurance – Motorhome Classes

An RV is an investment in a way of life, and should be thoroughly insured to protect against loss. RV values can range significantly, and lots can happen to them. They are often subject to parking lot bumps and scrapes, plus there are the perils of driving on unknown roads. And, unfortunately, campgrounds can be targets for thieves.

Bow Valley Insurance offers motorhome insurance options to cover collisions, physical damage, liability dangers, personal belongings and more.

Bow Valley Insures all Types of Motorhomes and RVs

Go RVing Canada separates RV classes into three categories: towable, motorized and specialty.

Towable RVs are pulled behind a truck, SUV or mini-van, and are popular for the fact that you can unhitch and then do what you like with your vehicle. These include conventional travel trailers, expandable travel trailers, fifth wheels, folding campers and truck campers.

Many are uncomfortable with driving with a trailer, however, and so prefer the motorized option. These are then divided into three sub-classes: Class A, B and C. Class A motorhomes range from 26 to 45 feet in length and are the largest. Many are equipped with luxury features such as custom kitchen slideouts, your own water and energy supply, laundry amenities, high-end washrooms and media rooms.

For Tips on Driving With a Trailer, Download Our “Safety Tips for RVing” Guide

Class B motorhomes are more commonly referred to as camper vans or camper conversions. Accommodations are snug but cozy. They come with all the major amenities: dinettes, toilets and water tanks, and are popular for their low gas mileage and affordability. And Class C motorhomes are commonly called mini-motorhomes, and are often built on truck chassis. They measure about 22 to 35 feet. Most have the familiar bed space over the roof of the cab, and often come with slideouts to increase floor space. Many appreciate the mini-motorhome for their maneuverability numerous options.

Specialty RVs are essentially house trailers that are permanently parked. These need to be professionally moved, and are usually rented or owned as vacation homes.

“Insure” a Great Vacation!

Even though you can’t predict gas prices, you can predict your insurance payments. If you are already covered, we are happy to compare our rates with your current insurers’. We represent several insurance companies that specialize in motorhome and RV insurance. This allows us to provide you the most comprehensive coverage at the very best price.

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