Home Insurance Tips: Plumbing Maintenance and Care

For most homeowners, regular inspection and maintenance of plumbing is usually not in one’s mind until a disaster occurs. It only takes a few litres of water spill to cause thousands of dollars in damage and see you spending money on your deductible.

At Bow Valley Insurance of Alberta, we always advise to manage risks appropriately. Keep your home insurance premiums low by limiting chances of a claim.

Regularly check your plumbing systems for leaks or other issues to help avoid water damage. Fortunately, it doesn’t really take any plumbing expertise, or much time at all, to annually or semi-annually take an inspection tour of your own plumbing and try to detect emerging problems. Even if you are a renter, perform visual checks and alert your landlord to anything unusual.

More Failure Points Than You Ever Thought Possible

There is a lot of plumbing in every home, and everywhere water is supplied, transported, or drained away, is a potential failure point.

Every supply pipe or hose in your house is like a water main subject to a pressure burst. Every faucet is a valve that will eventually leak with wear. Every drain is ultimately leads to the sewage system, and can easily back up.

There are a lot of things to check. Bring a flashlight and a dry cloth.

Start From The Outside

Think of yourself as an auditor looking for potentially disastrous situations that will lead to expensive repair bills and then inspect accordingly. A smart strategy is to start right at the beginning and find where your water can be shut off from the city main, or your well as the case may be. Can you shut off the water if you had to?

While outside, if you have a septic tank, you should look for the classic tell-tales of a problem, such as unusual odour or marshy ground above the tank. If you have what appears to be a problem, call for service immediately.

And if you have an underground sprinkler system, have is professionally drained in the fall and inspected in the spring. A blowout in the valve vault or buried pipes can easily cause hundreds of dollars of landscaping damage.

Move in towards your home. Exterior faucets are a common source of expensive siding damage and rot, so ensure they are leak-free. Inspect your water heater connections, your washing machine supply hoses and drain, and any utility sink you may have. In your basement, check your walls for seepage, inspect your backflow valves and if you are in or near to a flood zone, consider a sump pump system.

Move on to inspect every bathroom. Check all of the toilets for solid installation, that they aren’t any  worn parts, and that their water supply lines are not leaking. Also check the valves beneath the sink(s) for small drips from the handles.

Repeat these types of inspections in the kitchen, as well as the dishwasher, refrigerator, and garbage disposal for proper function.

Finally, it is a good idea to have a notion of how much water you use monthly so you will detect an unusual increase should it occur.

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