Auto Insurance – Get the Best Rates

At Bow Valley Insurance, we know which insurance companies have the best rates for ALL types of insurance. Working with an insurance broker means you have access to several insurance providers, and your broker works for you – not the provider. We specialize in auto insurance and can recommend the best options for excellent coverage for car insurance at very affordable rates.

How to Keep Your Car Insurance Premiums Low

All car insurance in Alberta is individually rated. This means you shouldn’t necessarily believe recent media reports indicating an overall bump in insurance rates at a specified rate for the majority of policy holders. As your policy is specifically designed for you, whether or not your rates are raised or lowered is dependent upon several factors. If you have purchased a vehicle of higher value than your last, your car insurance rates may rise to reflect the increased cost or repairs or replacement. Similarly, if you have to drive more, or less, than you used to, your rates may also be adjusted.

The best way to keep the cost of your auto insurance low is to work with a broker that represents you. When requesting a quote, ask for a rate comparison to compare coverage, price, options, and discounts.

Other ways to keep your premiums low include the following:

  • Choose a higher amount for your deductible
  • Combine your Alberta car insurance and home insurance policies
  • Check for multi-car and other available discounts
  • Remain claims-free

The higher the amount of your deductible, the lower your premiums will be, and if you remain clams-free, chances are you’ll be eligible for an annual discount. If you combine coverage for your home and auto with the same company, you’re also eligible for a discount, and insuring multiple vehicles under the same policy provides additional savings. Combining coverage under one insurance company reduces administration costs for insurance providers, and most pass these savings on to consumers.

Bow Valley Insurance Professionals Will Find You the Lowest Alberta Auto Insurance Rates!

Over the last 33 years, we’ve established our business based on customer service, building strong relationships and a promise to always find our clients the most competitive rates to choose from. You can count on the advice of Bow Valley Insurance professionals, and we will work with you to make sure you have the best coverage with the options you need. Remember, the professionals at Bow Valley Insurance represent you! The insurance specialists at Bow Valley Insurance know which companies have the best rates, and we save you time and money by shopping around for you.

Please contact us to speak one of our experienced professionals if you have any questions, or request a free online quote for auto insurance today!