Alarm Systems Can Save in Many Ways

Bow Valley Insurance has been serving the insurance needs of Canadians by providing comprehensive insurance coverage available at very competitive rates. Our staff of experienced insurance brokers is able to compare coverage offerings from several national providers in order to ensure you and your loved ones, business, or both, are always fully protected.

Saving on Your Home Insurance Costs

Limiting the number of  claims as best you can is always the smartest way to save on insurance costs. For homeowners, proper home maintenance is your first defence. The second is prevention.

Most insurance companies offer discounts on your home or condo insurance if you have an approved alarm system installed by a reputable alarm company. The more comprehensive the monitoring of the alarm system with additional monitoring of  water,  low temperature, fire etc., typically the greater are the  discounts. Several incorporate smoke and carbon monoxide detection devices, as well, giving a peace of mind knowing your family will be safe.

Elements of a Good Alarm System

All good alarm systems should be monitored by an outside reputable alarm monitoring company which has contingency backup location in case the primary monitoring location is incapacitated due to a disaster.

As well, detection devices should integrate seamlessly into your home and your lifestyle.

For example:

  • Movement- and heat-sensitive monitoring technology can be easily installed to be unobtrusive. These devices depending on home or premises are  wired or wireless.
  • All of your windows and doors can be incorporated into the system.
  • Newer alarms can send notification to smartphones when the smoke, carbon monoxide, moisture detectors are going off. It also can sends texts or e-mails when the armed and disarmed. If you have image sensors installed & in case of an alarm, it can send images of the intruder to the smartphone.
  • Some home alarms may also provide energy-saving advice, such as let you know which rooms need the least heat, whether it be because of lack of use or plenty of it.

Taking an Extended Trip?

With or without an alarm system, anyone leaving home for an extended business trip or vacation should check their home insurance policy to ensure their valuables are fully covered, and should also always have a trusted friend check the house  regularly.

Deter a Prowler

A good home alarm system can also do a lot to deter a prowler in the first place.

For example:

  • Just the sight of an alarm-system logo near entry points will often be enough to make a burglar move on.
  • Strategically-placed motion detector lights outside can intimidate anyone approaching for an unnecessary reason.
  • Similarly, indoor lights can be timed to go on when rooms would likely to be used.

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