6 Ways You Can Prevent Car Theft

Person attempting car break in

Unfortunately, reports issued by the Insurance Bureau of Canada have indicated that car theft is on the rise across the country. While it is not always possible to prevent the theft of your vehicle, there are some simple steps that you can take to help avoid becoming a target. Below, are 6 easy tips that will help deter potential thieves and keep your vehicle safe.

Park in Visible Areas

Car thieves are attracted to dark, low traffic areas and hidden spaces. Always try to park in visible, well-lit areas and if possible, close to parking lot cameras and building entrances.


If your vehicle is not equipped with an alarm system, consider installing one. Also, place a sticker on your windshield to indicate that your vehicle has an active alarm system.

Keep it Locked

Even when you are parked in your own driveway, always keep your car locked and your windows up. Also, never leave your vehicle running unattended. While it can be tempting to start your car and leave it running for a few minutes on a chilly day, this makes it all too enticing for thieves if no driver is in sight.

Keep Valuables Hidden

Always keep wallets, cell phones, laptops and even loose change out of sight. Before you park your vehicle, place any personal belongings in your trunk or glove box. Visible valuables can encourage a thief to break in and one inside possibly steal your car.

Consider Physical Barriers

A physical barrier such as a steering wheel lock can make it much more difficult for a thief to steal your vehicle. In addition to enhancing security, these barriers can be visible from outside your vehicle, discouraging thieves before they even make an attempt to break in.

Hide Keys

In your home, keep your keys hidden. Many people like the convenience of leaving their keys on a hook near their front door, however, if a thief breaks into your home, this will be the first place that they look – making it all too easy for them to leave with your vehicle.

Using alarm systems or anti-theft devices can also help you get a discount on your auto insurance policy. To find out more about what discounts are available for you, contact an experienced member of the Bow Valley Insurance team today for a free, no-obligation vehicle quote.