• Ready Your House For Winter and Reduce Insurance Claims

    Ready Your House For Winter and Reduce Insurance Claims

    One of the best ways to keep your home insurance premiums manageable is to limit your risk of having to file a claim. All too soon it will be turning cold again in Alberta, and so we encourage homeowners to take some basic steps to get your house and property ready for winter. Get Your Heating System Serviced

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  • Severe Weather Water Damage Prevention Tips

    Severe weather events are becoming more common in southern  Alberta and the damages have been getting more expensive by the year. Insurance helps us pick up the pieces after a severe storm. However, through being proactive and preparing your home for bad weather, like the windstorm, high water, heavy snowfall etc. will limit the number of

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  • Your Family Emergency Plan and Kit: Alberta Home Insurance

    It’s rare for a year to pass in Alberta without an incidence of severe weather, and over the past several years their frequency has been occurring even more often. Hailstorms and fires have been costly since 2009, and 2013 was very rough on the province. Alberta experienced record-setting flooding in June of that year, which

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